No, this is not fundamentally different. It is just another kind of output.

Creating a Data File

Sequential file INPUT in QBasic is just like reading data from the keyboard, except that all the data exists in a file before the program is run.

First we must create a file. Start the QBasic as usual. Instead of typing a program, type a list of three integers one per line as here:

list of three integers

Save the file using the menu system, much like you save a program file: hit ALT+F, and then S, then in the file dialog box enter a file name. Use DATA.DAT.

file menu file name dialog

Push the tab key a few times until the cursor moves under the <OK> and then hit enter.

If you make changes to the file, you can save the changes just by hitting ALT+F+S which will update the disk file.


Could you use NotePad or some other text editor to create this file?