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created: 6/26/99 (using AWT); revised: 01/26/00, 01/09/02 (using Swing), 07/19/06; refurbished 11/02/08

CHAPTER 59 — Buttons and Action Events

(There is no chapter 58.)

We have been doing event-driven programing. The three parts of a GUI application are:

  1. Components that make up the Graphical User Interface. <—— we've done this; this chapter will do more.
  2. Listener methods that receive events and respond to them. <—— we've done this; this chapter will do more.
  3. Application methods that do useful work for the user. <—— we've not done this, yet.

Soon we will get to the third step, and you will actually write a full GUI application! But not yet. This chapter continues the discussion on how to add button components to a frame, and how the actionPerformed() method can tell which button was clicked.

Chapter Topics:


What is the name of the method that receives ActionEvents when a button is clicked?