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No. The program only works with strings of digits that can be converted into integer data.

Converting to Integers

Here is a statement from the program:

num = scan.nextInt();

Assignment statements work in two steps:

  1. Evaluate the expression on the right of the equal sign,
  2. Put the value into the variable on the left.

In this particular assignment statement, the expression on the right scans a group of characters from the input stream and converts them into an int, if that is possible. Then the numeric result is stored into num.

If the group of characters cannot be converted, Java throws an Exception and stops your program. An Exception object contains information about what went wrong in a program. Industrial-strength programs may examine the exception and try to fix the problem. Our programs (for now) will just stop.


Which of the following inputs would be correct input for the program?

Enter an integer:  1492
Enter an integer:  Fourteen ninety two
Enter an integer:  14.92
Enter an integer:  -1492
Enter an integer:  1 4 9 2