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What is the value of the expression 3/4 ?




Most of the operators we are interested in take two operands. In each of the following examples the operator has two operands:

34 + 12 19/3 90 - sum val * x

However, unary operators take just one operand:

+93 -72 +sum -Math.PI

A binary operator will always have exactly two operands. However, sometimes one or both operands of a binary operator is a subexpression.

A subexpression is a part of an expression that is by itself a correct expression.

Sometimes a subexpression is a constant, like "8". Any expression can be a subexpression of a larger expression. In the following, both operands of the red operator are subexpressions.

2*3 + 8 (x - y) / 2.3 (sum - 2) * (sum + 3)


In an expression like 34.12 / 68.0 how do you know if the / means integer division or means floating point division ?