A loop condition is a test that is part of the DO WHILE statement.

Review of the DO WHILE statement

Look at the following program:

' Loop with a loop condition
LET COUNT = 0            'Statement 1
DO WHILE COUNT <= 5      'Statement 2
  PRINT COUNT            'Statement 3
  LET COUNT = COUNT + 1  'Statement 4

Here the DO WHILE in statement 2 is the loop condition (the gate keeper). Execution enters the loop body only if

COUNT <= 5

that is, only if the number stored in COUNT is less than or equal to 5. Then statements 3 and 4 are executed, and then LOOP sends execution back to the DO WHILE. The test COUNT <= 5 must be true every time the loop body starts to execute.


Say that Statement 4 has just changed COUNT to 5. Now the LOOP statement sends execution back to the DO WHILE. Will the loop body execute again?