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created: 03/15/98; revised: 08/18/03, 02/12/06

CHAPTER 38 — More Applet Examples

Note: Oracle, the company responsible for Java, is dropping support for Java applets in the Java Development Kit 9, expected in March 2017. Applets will be completely removed from the JDK and the Java Runtime Environment.

If you have not started these chapters on applets, you should skip them and also skip the occasional pages in other chapters that use applets.

This chapter continues the example of the previous chapter.

Chapter Topics:

The paint() method in the applet at the end of the last chapter is too complicated. This is sometimes a sign that a new class is needed to manage the complication. This chapter designs a Circle class to contain the complications of drawing circles.


What data should be part of a Circle object? What methods should it have?