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APPENDIX A — Downloading and Installing SPIM

This course uses SPIM. SPIM is a simulator for the MIPS32 processor instruction set architecture. All you need for this course is SPIM and a text editor. SPIM is free, available at:

You will need a text editor. The text editor that comes with Microsoft operating systems, Notepad, will work, but just barely. A better text editor is much more convenient. If you are already using a text editor that came with a programming environment it will work fine. Sometimes these editors are called "program editors." The editor that comes with Visual Basic will not work. A "word processor" such as Word or WordPad will not work well, either.

A good editor is Notepad++. It is freeware, works well with many programming languages, and is easy to download and to install:

If you are familiar with downloading and installing programs, download and install SPIM and skip the rest of this appendix.


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