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No. A jump instruction causes the processor to fetch whatever bit pattern is stored in memory at the new address. This might not be part of the program.


Machine Cycle

Here is another schematic program. The instructions are just sketched in as place holders. Don't pay much attention to them, but look at the jump instruction and its target.

(details omitted)
PC just after this
instruction has executed
(at the bottom of the cycle)
.......................... 00450000    
00450000 load 00450004    
00450004 load 00450008    
00450008 add 0045000C    
0045000C store 00450010    
00450010 jump 0x00450000 004500
00450014 no-op 004500

The target of the jump instruction is the address 0x00450000.


Fill in the blanks.