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String[] list = new String[3];


The array object has three cells.

Fixed-length Array

old array

Once an array object has been constructed, the number of cells does not change. You must construct an array with a length that will accommodate all the data you expect. Unfortunately, sometimes this length is hard to determine. A program might need different sizes each time it is run. It would be nice if there were a type of array that allowed you to keep adding data regardless of its original length.

A cell of an array is a place where data may be stored. An array may contain many cells. The cells are numbered from 0 up to one less than the length of the array. (Sometimes cells are called slots.)

An element is the data that has been placed in a cell. (Sometimes an element is called an item, a value, or an entry.)


An array has been completely filled with information:

String[] list = new String[3];
list[0] = "ant" ;
list[1] = "bat" ;
list[2] = "cat" ;

After running for a while, the program needs to add information to the array. Will the following statement make the array larger?

list = new String[5];