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If the maximum is a, how soon in the code is this known?

... the first statement after the first IF .

Another Version

Max of Three Flowchart

It seems a little silly that the maximum a is not returned until the last line of the function when it is known so early. In this situation, most C programmers would return a as soon as it is known to be the maximum. The flowchart at right shows this.

Here is the code that corresponds to this flowchart:

  a, b, and c are integers.
exit condition: 
  return the maximum of the three arguments.
int maxThree(int a, int b, int c)
  if (a >= b && a >= c) return a;
  if (b >= c) return b;
  return c;

It is likely that you find both the new flowchart and the new function straightforward and easier to understand than the previous versions.


Is the new flowchart (and the new function) structured?