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Not easily, because you would need to match punctuation and other odd characters. It would be nice to have a way to match any character.

Wild Card

Rule 9:  Wild Card

The period . matches any one character except end-of-line.

Regular ExpressionMatches
. any one character except "end of line"
b.t bat, bbt, bct, bdt, ..., bAt, b$t, b7t, ...
b.t. baty, bbtx, bctq, bdt, ..., bAtY, b$t5, b7tk, ...

So, to match a string of any five characters, use   ...... (Quantifiers, explained at the end of this chapter, enable a more elegant way to do this.)

If you want to specifically match a period (or decimal point) and nothing else, use \. For example [0-9]+\.[0-9]+ matches 012.34 but not 012W34.


Write a regular expression that matches any three character string that starts with M.