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It matches one or more groups of five characters, where each group consists only of the characters 'a' through 'd'.

It does match:

aaaaa     aaaaabbbbb     abcdaddcca

It does not match:

aa     aaaaab     aaaaabbaaaaa

Between n and m Times: {n,m}

Regular Expression
(Delimit with quotes)
(Delimit with quotes)

The subexpression X{n,m} means to match at least n but no more than m, of the subexpression X. The numbers n and m must be literal constants, like 5, or 0, or 23. Of course, n must be less than m. For example


means to match between two and seven (inclusive) characters, where the characters are selected from 'a' through 'd'. The following strings match:

aa     aaaaaaa     abc     addbcc

These strings do not match:

a     abcdabcd     axaaa


Describe the strings matched by the following