Minutes of the meeting of the Board of Governors (BoG)
of the
IEEE Society on the Social Implications of Technology (SSIT)
(SIT -30)
Held on Dec. 1, 2001 at the University of Pennsylvania

The agenda was approved.

President Karl Perusich presented his report. He gave out copies of the of the 2001 SSIT budget. He told us that the TAB budget agreed to at the Mexico City meeting was $23M, which is a reduction from last year. Because of IEEE losses, SSIT budget would be reduced by $82K. Each Society would contribute to the IEEE proportionately.

There was a motion to eliminate all travel reimbursements. It was defeated. Most BoG members agreed to fund the travel expenses for the President and the Treasurer.

Jerry Engel proposed to do nothing about current travel policies.

Jim Pfafflin proposed that we accept the proposed 2002 budget.

There was a motion to accept the "Blended" method of budget calculation, which is the default. Motion was carried.

President Perusich turned over the meeting to Clint Andrews.

G. Engel offered a motion, which proposed a committee to study the long- term viability of SSIT and allot $2k for incidental expenses. Motion carried.

Motion on ASPP income distribution formula was withdrawn. President Perusich reported that all Society presidents asked IEEE President Snyder to get an independent audit. Price Waterhouse wanted $1 M.

Bob Dent reported on the IEEE Board reorganization. He said that the Board would be reduced to twenty (20) members from thirty-two (32) and that RAB and TAB would be combined. The Member Conduct and Ethics Committees would be combined. All TAB travel would be cut by 15%.

Janet Rochester gave the Publications Committee report; which is attached. Two motions on T&S publication were submitted:

  1. Approve a 2002 T&S issue covering ISTAS.
  2. Endorse a special issue on "Social Science Computer Review"; this was from Brian O'Connell.
There is a problem with the cover of T&S; since it requires about $1500 to $2000/issue for the rights to the color art it would be preferable to have royalty-free images. This is not always possible, particularly for those corresponding to the articles. This may have a future financial impact on T&S.

There was a discussion of the contract with Terri Bookman, the T&S Managing Editor. This contract is attached. Rochester made a motion recommending acceptance. Motion carried.

Jerry Engel informed us that the ADCOM was officially changed to the Board of Governors (BOG).

Jerry Engel gave the Past President's Report. This was on the revision of the By-laws to the SSIT Constitution. The will be a column in T&S by Engel on the SSIT Constitution.

  1. There were no objections and there was a ratified SSIT constitution. This requires approval of 2/3 of BOG.
  2. The Stamford, CT. 2001 ISTAS had a surplus of $7000. There were awards to Bradley Kjell, publications chair, from the Computer Society and to Brian O'Connell, ISTAS program chair

Karl Stephan gave the Treasurer's Report, which is attached and it was approved.

Toni Robbi gave the Nominations Committee report. The BOG will have three new members by the next meeting. President Karl Perusich is not running for another term. Robbi then nominated V.P. Clint Andrews for President. As secretary I voted Andrews into the presidency. This was possible by a little-known provision of the constitution. Clint Andrews, as President, then nominated Brian O'Connell for V.P. I then voted for O'Connell and he became V.P.

Joe Herkert gave the Conference report, which is attached. The ISTAS for 2002 is planning 21 sessions and will be at the Sheraton Capital Center Hotel in Raleigh, NC. A BOG meeting is planned after the ISTAS is completed.

ISTAS 2003 is planned for the Netherlands.

ISTAS 2004 is planned for Worcester, MA.

Mal Benjamin gave the Awards Committee report.

I gave my reports on Membership, CEPA and Election machine revision. Suggestions were made to always include to previous year's membership statistics. I received support for the CEPA work. The next meeting will be on April 20 in New Brunswick, NJ.

Respectfully Submitted,
Robert H. Brook
Membership Chair,

Attendees at the Dec. 1, 2001 SSIT BOG meeting at UPENN

Clint Andrews VPSSIT c.j.Andrews#ieee.org
James Pfafflin IAS  
Mal Benjamin Awards jmbenjamin#aol.com
Janet Rochester Pubs j.rochester#ieee.org
Karl Stephan Treasurer kdstephan#swt.edu
Gerald Engel Past Pres. g.engel#computer.org
Ken Foster Past Pres. K.foster#seas.upenn.edu
Bob Newcomb CAS newcomb#eng.umd.edu
Bob Brook Memb.,Sec., rbrook#worldnet.att.net
Toni Robbi Nominations t.robbi#ieee.org
Bob Dent Div.3 r.dent#ieee.org
Joe Herkert BOG j.herkert#ieee.org
Bradley Kjell Visitor kjell#ieee.org
Brian O'Connell BOG, VP oconnell#ccsu.edu
Terri Bookman T&S ME t.bookman#ieee.org
Ron Kline Past Pres. RRK1ecornell.edu
Andy Meyer Div.10,CS-Soc meyer#njit.edu
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